Preview of the Slot Game “Safari of Wealth”

The title, “Safari of Wealth,” made us wonder what it would be like to go on a real safari through the wealth of other people. Just like window shopping in the ritzy section of town as you wait for your paycheck, picture yourself on a journey through gems, high-end items, labeled apparel, bling, etc. Thankfully, such is not the case with Play’n GO’s Safari of Wealth. Instead of taking a leisurely stroll around a gold souk, you’ll be playing a standard safari-style game in Africa. Players may enjoy a Gold Reel pick ‘n click feature and a free spins bonus round with five different options, all while enjoying the scary creatures.

Visually, Safari of Wealth meets all the requirements for a game of its genre. Grass that waves in the wind, a river that winds and winds, trees and mountains, beautiful sky with a risk of rain, and a plethora of must-see animals. The African Savannah is nicely rendered in the background while the upbeat music keeps the mood light. Safari of Wealth isn’t exactly a slot Play’n GO undoubtedly had to push themselves to develop, but there isn’t much here that players won’t have seen before.

However, it is pleasing to the senses and has a solid mathematical foundation. The best value may be found in the 96.2% form of RTP, which comes in a few different flavors depending on the market. Bets can be anywhere from 10 pence to £/€100 each spin, and RTPs can vary widely.

The majority of the steps in Safari of Wealth are easy to understand. Nothing here is even mildly complex, which may disappoint players hoping for a twist on a familiar concept. All wins are paid from left to right, and a minimum of three identical symbols is required. Five of a kind for the lower card ranks (10-A) pays between 0.4 and 0.8 times the wager, while the higher paying big cats (leopards, rhinoceroses, lions, elephants, and wildebeests) pay up to 10 times the wager. Five combinations of high-value symbols are worth 3–10 times the bet. All other symbols, excluding the scatter, can be replaced by the wild if it occurs on any reel. If a wild symbol helps form a winning combination, its value is equal to that of the highest value wildebeest.

Featured Slots in the Safari of WealthZ

Players have many options to try their luck during free spins, and the main game includes a Gold Reel feature that can help them win some extra cash.

Golden Reel Attribute

One to five reels can randomly become gold at any spin in the standard game. When a wild falls on a gold symbol, the game changes to a pick-and-click bonus round called Wild Prize. In this game, the user is presented with 15 logo icons; by selecting one at a time, they can uncover an animal. When three of a kind of an animal are unearthed, the accompanying prize is given forth. Wildebeests, lions, elephants, and rhinos all return 10 times the wager.

No Risk Turns

Prosperity Safari When three or more scatters appear on the screen, free spins are triggered. In addition to triggering the bonus round, accumulating 3, 4, or 5 scatters on the reels awards a payout of 5x, 10x, or 50x the wager, respectively. Prior to initiating the bonus, players select the free spins layout and total they wish to accumulate:

Twenty free rotations on the standard 53 board with 243 paylines.

Free rounds valued at 15 spins on a 5×4 grid with 1,024 possible paylines.

You get 10 free turns at a slot machine with 3,125 possible paylines.

There will be 5 free turns on a board with 7,776 possible winning combinations.

A fifth, mysterious option mixes and matches free spins and grid size from the previous four.

Free spins can be retriggered by landing three or more scatter symbols, although the Gold Reel feature is unavailable during the bonus game.

Safari to Prosperity: The Slots Have It

One might argue that Safari of Wealth is a game that tries very hard not to upset the apple cart. Players will, for the most part, receive just what they expect from the game. Therefore, Safari of Wealth may be the best option if you’re looking for simple, dependable African-themed gambling. This reliability may be both a strength and a weakness. There isn’t much here to get excited about, from the theme to the features, which is surprising given Play’n GO’s track record. Still, given their hectic schedule, they are bound to crank out the occasional shelf filler, and Safari of Wealth fits that bill.

Safari of Wealth’s technical execution is fine, and it contains a few features that aren’t terrible. The core gameplay isn’t that exciting, since it consists primarily of a pick-and-click style minigame with the added bonus of a precious wildebeest at the end. The same simplicity applies to free spins. It’s great to have choices, but the free spins feature, aside from a few tweaks to the grid’s height, doesn’t provide anything particularly exciting. The maximum payout on Safari of Wealth is 10,000 times your initial wager, so there is much room for favorable outcomes to occur.

Please forgive any monotony in this review. The reception to Safari of Wealth was very lackluster. We’d have better things to say if it had either done something egregiously wrong that we could criticize or something truly remarkable that we could praise. However, Safari of Wealth lacks both of these features and instead serves as an average game in every respect. It’s as if a movie was edited to get a PG rating instead of an R18 rating, but then lost all of its best portions in the process.